Spirit of Accusation

 Spirits are like barnacles they attach themselves to us or others and then come against us, but we have to separate the spirit from the person. In this video, we talk about the spirit of accusation and how to get free from it. 

Spirit of Infirmity

 Have you found yourself struggling physically with strength? Have you ever considered the idea that the enemy may be seeking to weaken you physically to control you spiritually? In this video we discuss the spirit of infirmity that seeks to attach itself to believers in order to keep them weak, but Jesus has a final word on the subject. Join us as we identify and deal with the spirit of infirmity. 

Spirit of Heaviness

 Have you ever felt like you are carrying around a weight and it is sapping your energy? Have you ever struggled with anxiety, fear, dread or loneliness? These are barnacles that attach themselves to you in order to immobilize and silence you, but God has a remedy for this spirit of heaviness that wants to weaken you. Join us to learn what the spirit of heaviness is and how to rid your life of it. 

Spirit of Error

 How do you know what is truth and what is error in a culture where everyone says what they believe is the truth? Today, we discover biblically what the spirit of error is. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but if you can handle the truth, it will set you free. Join me as we see what God says the spirit of error is. 

Spirit of Jealousy

 Barnacles, barnacles, barnacles, God is ridding us of the barnacles. This one is more prevalent than many understand, but we are going to get set free from every barnacle that seeks to weaken us, destroy us and detour us from God's plan for us. Join me today as we discuss the spirit of jealousy and how to rid if from our lives.