Prophetic adventures


2016 Re-digging The Wells of Revival

The Lord invited us to re-dig the wells of revival, according to Genesis 26 by going to destination locations to honor the men and women who led our nation into revival. In Missouri we honored Steve Gray, Kathryn Kuhlman, AA Allen; In Oklahoma we honored Oral Roberts, William Parham, Agnes Ozman; In Arkansas we honored the Assemblies of God organization; In California we honored William Seymour, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallaton and Aimee Semple McPherson; In Illinois we honored Smith Wigglesworth; In Indiana we honored Marie Woodworth-Etter and Billy Sunday. 

2017 Salting the Rivers

The Lord invited us according to 2 Kings 2:19-22 to salt the rivers and declare the end of death and barrenness and the beginning of life abundantly. We have salted rivers in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Coloradao, Kansas, and Oklahoma. 

2018 Releasing the Sound of the Shofar

The Lord invited us to go to destination locations and release the sound of the shofar, like sending up an SOS in order to call for help from heaven. We used Psalm 121 as our guiding scripture for this prophetic act. We have released this sound over cities, companies, families, historic locations and the nation. 

2018 Opening the Ancient Gates

The Lord invited us through a prophetic dream that someone on our ministry team had to open the ancient gates in our nation. The Lord showed us through this dream that the ancient gates our under ground, but the identity marker or "x" marks the spot location can be found by the Madonna of the Trail. This monument is found in 12 states from Maryland to California. Our guiding scripture is Psalm 24:7-10. We have been to six of these locations thus far, with six more to go. 

2019 Pouring Oil on the Soil

The Lord invited us to pour oil on the soil to dedicate land to the Lord. We have two guiding scriptures for this, one is Psalm 24:1 and Genesis 28:18. We have been to the geological center of the USA to rededicate our nation back to God, as well as other locations to dedicate the land the Lord.